1. Your time is valuable, as is mine. Whilst I understand that crisis can happen that can make us late, like any professional, I would notify you in advance if I am going to be late or miss a session and I would greatly appreciate the same from you.
Your lateness is going to come out of your time, as my schedule is affected by other clients who also value their time and mine.

2. When you buy a package of time with me, I commit to having enouigh time available to serve you. That affects how many other clients I can take on. If you want o make sure my style is right for you, I recommend booking a single session to start.

3. Sessions not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged at 50% of the full rate.

4. I have a 3 strikes policy. If you repeatedly miss sessions without notice or cause, I will no longer work with you. I offer my clients a solution and support them throughout their healing but you have to be present for that journey.

I do NOT offer refunds. If I have to cancel a session due to an emergency, I will make sure you are contacted timeously and given another time slot.