BodyTalk is Consciousness Based WholeHealthCare based on Quantum Physics, Epigentics, Psychology and Neuroplasticity

Ever heard the "Nature vs Nurture" argument?  Well now we know more than ever, its a beautiful combination of both.  Click on the image below to better understand how how our experiences shape our dna expression and thus our health!

" Having you to communicate with when she cant speak to anyone has helped my Mom so much Candice, thank you for being there for her in the way that you are. " - Tandy
A wonderful video explaining Quantum Physics 
A critical foundation stone of energetic (emotional and mind) healing, is the client understanding that the reality they perceive, is theirs alone.

Never before has humankind understood this critical aspect of being. 

The world we see is potentioal energy, collapsing into matter only when we OBSERVE it. Our perception and beliefs formulates our observation, which in turn creates the matter we view. 

So in essence, BELEIVING is SEEING...not the other way round!
Epigenetics and How our Environment Affects our Biology​​

Your subconscious brain records everything you see, feel and hear and then creates its "programmes" that run your life. Your responses are all determined by the data your subconscious has acquired.
Your conscious mind is only running 5% of your life...ever wonder why you cant seem to break bad habits? THIS is why!

Dont worry, you CAN influence these programmes and rewrite your patterns, behaviour and experiences, thats what BodyTalk is all about!

Here's a little more on genetics from world famous Dr Bruce Lipton if you'd like more info on understanding the biochemistry behind it all.​​
Our Brain's 2 Personalities

How incredible to be a neurologist and have an experience that really helps understand to point out how our brains perceive and file data about our experience.

Dr Jill-Bolte Taylor shares her incredible story that helps us understand the marriage of Science and Consciousness.

As a BodyTalk practitioner, I am accessing more of my right brain, to access your information and recalibrate both hemispheres of YOUR
brain and improve their communication.

Neuroplasticity - Your Brain CAN and Does Change!

Your brain will respond to what it is exposed to, much like any other muscle in your body. If you work out, it'll grow. If you dont, it'll atrophy.
Meditate and your brain will become more in tune with your true self, expose it to media all the time and it'll reflect back what it learns there.
Health, happiness, anxiety, wealth, poverty....they are all states that we are choosing


As you are sitting there reading this, look down at your body. only 9% of what you see, is truly you!

Your body is compromised of 65% water and 35% matter.
Of that matter or 100 TRillion cells, only 30% of those cells are actually your DNA. 

You are a living ecosystem that is home to trillions of micro organisms, bacteria and fungi. All of whom influence your body's chemistry, your decisions and physiology.