Meet Candice Jules

Candice Jules

 What  is an integrated holistic wellbeing therapist?

I am a compassionate, supportive and open hearted therapist who will support you on your journey to creating a life of joy and ease,  by releasing anxiety, limiting beliefs, trauma induced dysfunction and enabling you to restore the relationships dearest to you.

I am a warm and compassionate partner in your wellbeing practice with a multitude of disciplines and wisdom to draw on to offer guidance including psychology, yoga, meditation, nutritional therapy and energy healing in the form of Reiki, Rahanni and BodyTalk.



With over 12 years experience and continued education to deepen her understanding of the whole human experience, I am a practiced one on one therapist for individual sessions and a highly recommended group leader and course facilitator.

I strive to  provides a safe, comfortable space to truly be seen and heard with kindness and compassion, where you can explore all your emotions, hopes, fears and dreams openly and with curiosity.

My goal is to equip my clients and students alike with a deep sense of empowerment and self love, providing them with reliable and trusted tools to identify challenges, identify their true power and gifts, overcome setbacks and create a truly meaningful life of true joy and abundance.